SpaceX launches Starlink 5-9 on Mothers Day morning 5-14-23!

At 1:03 AM EDT May 14th 2023 SpaceX team & Elon Musk launched Starlink mission 5-9 from SLC-40 in mostly clear skies on the spacecoast at Cape Canaveral Florida.  First stage booster B-1067 made its 12th flight into space and successfully landed back on JRTI down range near the Bahamas due to this southern trajectory Read More

ENAIRE improves operations at the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport by redesigning departure flows based onsatellite navigation

In service since 20 April • This increases the environmental sustainability of operations thanks to improved efficiency, without requiring changes to the existing uses or configurations of the runways • The newly-designed procedures further enhance the safety and consistency of operations, as well as connectivity between the different airports in the Barcelona terminal manoeuvring area Read More

ENAIRE announces public job banks for university graduates

• Applications are open from 24 April to 5 May • The State-Owned Public Entity is publishing this job offer in order to cover future permanent and/or temporary hiring needs • The relevant rules and documents are available at • The process will have four graded phases (skill, personality, English and merit test) ENAIRE Read More

ENAIRE launches the first edition of its Air Traffic Management Acceleration Programme aimed at startups

Registration period open until 30 June • Through CRIDA, ENAIRE's R&D subsidiary • Angel Luis Arias, CEO: "This annual competition aims to find startups that solve medium- and long-term business challenges in the field of air transport" • The two winning companies will implement their solutions in ENAIRE as part of a six-month acceleration programme Read More

ESA – Juice’s first taste of science from space

ESA’s Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, Juice, has recorded magnetic field data as its 10.6 m-long magnetometer boom deployed.  Juice launched on 14 April, with deployments and activation of its antennas, booms, sensors and instruments ongoing over the next months in a dedicated check-out period known as the commissioning phase. The Juice magnetometer boom (J-MAG) was deployed Read More

Could you be ESA’s official merchandise supplier?

ESA is inviting companies with an interest in merchandising to submit a tender to become the space agency’s official ESA-branded merchandise supplier. ESA merchandise raises brand awareness and helps spread the word about the exciting science and space missions carried out by Europe’s space agency. Now ESA is looking for a supplier to step up this Read More

ENAIRE improves operations at the Logroño-Agoncillo Airport with new satellite-based navigation instrument approach procedures

2025 Flight Plan • The new procedures, implemented jointly with Aena, the airport manager, rely on the European EGNOS system for runway 11 • The design of the new satellite procedures at the airport further enhances the safety and consistency of operations, as well as the continuity of the air navigation service • The project Read More

Yolanda Portillo will take over as head of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager Operations Centre

- From 1 May, Yolanda Portillo will be in charge of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC) - She previously led ENAIRE's Air Traffic and Space Management Division - ENAIRE is pleased by her appointment to EUROCONTROL, where she will direct 24/7 operations at the heart of the Network Manager to ensure a safe Read More