ESA is inviting companies with an interest in merchandising to submit a tender to become the space agency’s official ESA-branded merchandise supplier.

ESA merchandise raises brand awareness and helps spread the word about the exciting science and space missions carried out by Europe’s space agency. Now ESA is looking for a supplier to step up this activity and take ESA’s brand to the next level!

By launching the invitation to tender (ITT), ESA is opening the application process to any merchandise supplier with an interest in developing new lines of products inspired by space exploration. If your company is motivated by the challenge of growing the official ESA merchandise range, ESA wants to hear from you!

The successful applicant will manage the ESA shop, which has a commercial platform as well as on-site shops, for an initial period of three years. The challenge includes managing the shop’s B2C and B2B activities, as well as developing future stores in new locations. The chosen company will be required to supply a wide range of products, from apparel to collectibles and toys.

The ESA shop in its current form has been operating for just five years, but today it offers 45 space-inspired collections with 150 products. Last year the shop sold almost 30 000 items, helping to make the ESA brand recognisable around the world. With physical shops at three agency establishments, but more in the pipeline, there is an opportunity for ESA’s merchandise to really take off with new products, new designs and new shop locations.

If your company is feeling inspired and motivated to drive the next phase of growth for ESA’s physical and online shops, submit an application. You can find all the information to register and apply on the Doing Business with ESA platform.

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