The European Commission and the European Space Agency are jointly offering flight ticket opportunities for European companies or organisations to co-fund the launch services to test your new satellite technologies in space.

This Flight Ticket Initiative is designed to give promising technology and service concepts the in-orbit testing needed to reach commercial maturity. Under this scheme, ESA and the EU will co-fund upcoming flights of European launch vehicles for small satellites in a “ready-to-fly” condition.

As a first step, the EU and ESA have now issued a call for Expressions of Interest, open until 15 March 2026. The first of several application cut-off dates will close on 31 May 2023 at 1800 CET and will be followed by a separate procurement process in open competition.

At ESA, the Flight Ticket Initiative is administered under its Boost! programme. Through Boost!, ESA selects and co-funds the development and demonstration of innovative European space transportation services.