It showcases the rollout of the most advanced air traffic control post, iFOCUCS

– ENAIRE is leading the development of the U-space concept in Spain to facilitate the growth of the drone sector and Urban Air Mobility

– Its CEO, Ángel Luis Arias, noted that “ENAIRE’s new services will allow all types of aircraft to coexist safely and different sectors to be developed”

ENAIRE, Spain’s air navigation service provider, will take centre stage at the 2022 World ATM Congress, the world’s largest trade show in the industry, which will be held at the IFEMA fairgrounds in Madrid from 21 to 23 June, along with the Expodrónica drone fair.

At stand 844 of Pavilion 9, ENAIRE will present the planned rollout of iFOCUCS, the most advanced traffic control post, which will be installed at all its air traffic control centres in Spain.

ENAIRE has developed the new iFOCUCS post because future versions of the Automated Air Traffic Control System (SACTA) it uses to manage flights require a larger display area and make it necessary to incorporate relevant information on new functionalities to assist control personnel.

The new iFOCUCS position will increase the viewing area while maintaining the resolution, allowing controllers to work without paper flight progress strips, all as part of a design concept that is ergonomic and efficient.

ENAIRE will also share its leadership in Spain in the advanced development of drone use. ENAIRE, which has been tasked by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda with implementing the U-space system in Spain, will provide common information services through its digital platform.

These services are essential to facilitate U-space services to drones and for the future of Urban Air Mobility (air taxis, air parcels, etc.) in cooperation with air traffic control services”. So said its CEO, Ángel Luis Arias, who noted that “these services will allow all types of aircraft to coexist safely and different sectors to be developed”.

Safety, technological progress, innovation, airspace capacity and efficiency and sustainability will also play a key role for ENAIRE at this world congress, in line with its Strategic Plan, the 2025 Flight Plan and the creation of the

Single European Digital Sky.

The ninth edition of the Congress will bring together more than 6,000 participants from 110 countries, with over 180 exhibitors from companies in the aeronautical sector and air navigation providers.

This event is promoted by CANSO, the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation comprising air traffic control service providers from all over the world, of which ENAIRE is a founding member; and by ATCA, an organisation that brings together the entire United States air traffic industry.

ENAIRE’s most relevant projects

In addition to themed conferences, companies and industries will showcase the latest technology in air traffic control at the Congress.

At this trade fair, the MITMA (Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda) Group will be represented by ENAIRE, Ineco and Senasa at a joint stand. At this stand, ENAIRE will present its most relevant projects, including the following:

– iFOCUCS. The new features in this control post incorporate cuttingedge technology and will eventually replace the current posts from which ENAIRE air traffic controllers manage flights in Spanish airspace.

– ÍCARO MAP. Real-time demonstration of this tool to support operational decision-making and pre-tactical planning with traffic flows, regulations, weather forecasts, observed meteorology, traffic load and restricted airspace.

– Green Sky Plan. This is ENAIRE’s new environmental strategy for sustainable aviation through three initiatives: reduced aircraft emissions (Fly Clean), reduced noise pollution (Fly Quiet) and reduced emissions at ENAIRE (Eco-ENAIRE).

–  STARTICAL. This is an ENAIRE and Indra project to roll out a network of over 200 small, low-altitude satellites to provide ADS-B surveillance and voice and data communications services in order to improve traffic management in oceanic and remote areas, and thus provide a global service.

– ENAIRE Drones. App that enables the development of the drone sector by providing drone pilots and operators with information from the AIP so they can safely plan operations. They receive alerts, notifications and NOTAMs that may affect their flights and the applicable regulations. This application is updated after any regulatory changes are implemented nationally.

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