At the Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport

ENAIRE, EUROCONTROL and IATA are holding their eleventh annual workshop with airlines to promote aviation safety

• They are sharing their vision and experiences involving the main safety challenges facing the sector in preparation for the recovery of air traffic

• With the participation of EUROCONTROL, IATA, AESA, AENA, COPAC, APROCTA, USCA Profesional, airlines, the Spanish Air Force and safety managers from all of ENAIRE's regional departments

• ENAIRE is the European leader in operational safety management, according to the European network manager

As part of its Strategic Plan, the 2025 Flight Plan, ENAIRE hosted the eleventh edition of its safety conference with airlines to enhance flight safety, in coordination with the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The event took place yesterday and today at the Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport under the title “ENAIRE-EUROCONTROL-IATA Safety Workshop”.

The main goal of the workshop is to share experiences to improve operational safety in the aviation sector. To this end, attendees analyse operational safety challenges from various perspectives, taking into account the recovery in air traffic and the expected growth, from the point of view of Spain’s air navigation service provider (ENAIRE), the European network manager (EUROCONTROL) and the airlines (IATA).

Also taking part in the conference were AESA, AENA, COPAC, APROCTA, USCA, Spain’s Air Force, and security managers from various airlines, every ENAIRE regional office, the Málaga Control Tower and the Regional South Directorate.

Participation of controllers and pilots

The first session of the conference dealt with operational safety issues both in Europe and in ENAIRE’s network. In the second, issues specific to Málaga-Costa del Sol were addressed, with the participation of ENAIRE air traffic controllers responsible for managing flights from its Control Tower, as well as pilots from airlines operating at this airport.

ENAIRE is the European leader in operational safety management. This is clear from EUROCONTROL data on 30 providers evaluated using an indicator that measures the maturity and effectiveness of the safety management systems of air navigation service providers, called EoSM (Effectiveness of Safety Management).

In this regard, the head of the company’s Safety Division, Jesús Romero, stressed that “the recovery of air traffic has not seen any relevant safety events thanks to technical and operational improvements in the system and to the good work of controllers and pilots”. “The goal now is to improve safety levels even more with the expected growth in air traffic”, Romero said.

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