ENAIRE is presenting its commitment to sustainability, safety and the recovery of the air sector at Fitur

  • Visitors to the stand will find audiovisual information about ENAIRE’s key role in the advanced development of the drone market in Spain
  • It will feature a contest on ENAIRE and drones in an interactive area
  • The ENAIRE Foundation presents its new cultural offerings in the Naves de Gamazo (Santander), and the Las Arquerías de Nuevos Ministerios (Madrid), opening soon

ENAIRE presents the three strategic commitments for Spain’s air navigation service provider at Fitur 2022: environmental sustainability, aviation safety and the recovery of the sector.

ENAIRE is attending this encounter with tourism, which is being held at the IFEMA fairground in Madrid from 19 to 23 January, alongside the other agencies of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda (MITMA) – Aena, Adif, Renfe, Ports of the State and the National Center for Geographical Information (CNIG) – which are all sharing a stand in Pavilion 10.

ENAIRE’s stand will present the new environmental strategy for sustainable aviation called Green Sky, which will avoid the release of 185,000 tonnes of CO2 over five years. It will also save 58,500 tonnes of fuel and 18.7 million
euros by designing more direct routes that will reduce travel distances by 9.8 million kilometres from 2021 to 2025.

This edition will also showcase how ENAIRE, thanks to its human and technological resources, received the highest score in Europe on the aviation safety key performance indicator. The final result of this process to assess the EOSM was very positive for ENAIRE.

According to the official data provided by the European Commission, ENAIRE achieved the highest possible rating in all the areas assessed, scoring over 12 points higher than the average of European service providers. ENAIRE has
also been awarded the EFQM 500 Seal for its safe, efficient, innovative and sustainable management of air navigation services.

ENAIRE will demonstrate its commitment to the recovery of the air sector, which resulted in drastic reductions to its air navigation charges in 2021. Of the 38 countries in EUROCONTROL, Spain, through ENAIRE, is the one that lowered its route charges the most in 2021, to around 8% below the average charge.

Moreover, until 2024, air navigation charges will remain below 2019 levels, a year in which ENAIRE was already operating with the lowest charges in the last ten years, and which were among the most competitive in Europe. As a
result, the continental charges in 2022 will be 19.4% lower than in 2019, and in the Canary Islands they will be lowered by 14.4%.

U-space service provider for drones

The stand is offering audiovisual information on ENAIRE’s key role in the advanced development of the drone market in Spain, since it will be the sole facilitator of operational information and data amongst conventional air traffic service providers and U-Space service providers.

The implementation of U-space services, where ENAIRE will take centre stage, will be essential to the integration of drones, conventional and military aviation, and aerospace navigation in the future, and thus crucial to advancing
the development of safe, sustainable and connected mobility, including the so-called Urban Air Mobility (drone parcel delivery, air taxis, etc.).

The stand will have an interactive area with a competition on ENAIRE and drones, with 5 questions designed to inform the public of ENAIRE’s work in the field of unmanned aircraft.

Two permanent ENAIRE Foundation venues

The ENAIRE Foundation will be present at the stand with a video of its new facilities in the Naves de Gamazo (Santander), which will host a selection of its Contemporary Art Collection.

The Naves de Gamazo and, in the future, Las Arquerías de Nuevos Ministerios (Madrid), opening soon, will be the permanent homes of the ENAIRE Foundation and improve the cultural offerings – especially those involving the aeronautical sector, air navigation and its history – in Santander and in the Spanish capital.

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