• This forum considers and jointly analyses initiatives of interest to improve this activity in the field of air navigation

• Representatives from RACE, AEPAL, AOPPA, RFAE, as well as from the Civil Aviation General Directorate, were present
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ENAIRE, Spain’s national air navigation service provider, hosted a new meeting of the General Aviation Technical Group yesterday at its Madrid Air Traffic Control Centre.

This group, born from ENAIRE’s commitment to its Strategic Plan (2025 Flight Plan) in its support of General Aviation in Spain, provides a forum for ENAIRE to meet with representatives from the sector, where initiatives in the field of air navigation that are of interest to improve this activity are proposed and jointly analysed.

The meeting was chaired by Enrique Maurer, ENAIRE’s Director of Air Navigation Services, and was attended by representatives from the leading national General Aviation associations: RACE, AEPAL, AOPA and RFAE, as well as the Civil Aviation General Directorate.

During the event, José Luis Rodríguez, ENAIRE’s Systems Director, presented the deployment of the E-Conspicuity concept, or “electronic visibility”, in Spanish airspace, which will improve land/air coverage to create a safer and more advanced airspace thanks to the implementation of new technological tools through a collaborative agreement.

A team from ENAIRE’s ATM Design, Development and Implementation Division explained the new laws in terms of the procedure for the design of airspace in Spain, followed by a presentation of the initiatives to improve the airspace structure for General Aviation. This presentation highlighted ENAIRE’s commitment to improving General Aviation in Spain, which goes to great lengths to consider the best options for this sector in each of the projects it carries out.

Representatives from ENAIRE’s Operational Safety Division also took part in the meeting to review, together with the associations, the VFR Safety Newsletter that is written and distributed monthly to disseminate best practices and help improve operational safety in Spain.

Finally, ENAIRE’s Drone Development Department team held a presentation on the coexistence of U-space and General Aviation.

The working group concluded with a visit to the facilities of the Control Centre, led by ENAIRE’s Director of the North Central Region, Enrique Gismera, and the ATS Division Chief, Miguel Angel Fidalgo. The group participants were able to learn about the control room and exchange information with control staff on aspects relevant to their activity.

This is yet another initiative undertaken by ENAIRE to address the demands of non-commercial aviation from a current and personal perspective, in the interest of a safer and more advanced airspace, in order to contribute to the development of the sector.

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