The 2nd launch attempt for NASA Boeing ULA OFT-2 is scheduled for tomorrow May 19th 2022 at 6:54:47 PM EDT or 22:54:47 UTC for a demonstration uncrewed Starliner capsule with docking at the International Space Station. Auguest 3rd 2021 was the first Boeing OFT-2 attempt which resulted in a nine month delay to fix 13 stuck valves in the fuel system on the capsule.

The initial OFT-1 demonstration mission launched on December 17th 2019 but resulted in Boeing’s spacecraft failure to dock with the International Space Station due to numerous glitches in the computer programs after reaching space. The ULA N22 rocket in this rare configuration with no fairings, two external side boosters and two second stage Centaur engines performed flawlessly on the OFT-1 mission and is expected to do the same during this next OFT-2 attempt tomorrow.

Weather is 70% go for launch on Thursday with a possible Friday attempt looking troublesome due to many weather violations for liftoff. The 3rd back up date would shift to Monday May 23rd.

Much success to NASA, Boeing & United Launch Alliance for tomorrow’s milestone event to have two different operational crewed capsules available for ferrying Astronauts from two different American spaceflight companies.  The European Space Agency built the service module attached to the Starliner spacecraft.

Article and Photos by Scott Schilke for and