Then (June 28th 2018) to Now (April 21st 2022)!

A photographic journey from being allowed inside the new LC-39B flame trench to being on the pad with SLS Artemis 1 fully stacked.

The progression of a completely refurbished NASA LC-39B from the Apollo & Shuttle days to an up close media visit with the fully stacked NASA Artemis 1 heavy lift moon rocket and Mobil launch platform on April 21 2022 is so inspiring on this hallowed ground.

This may seem like a slow journey for NASA to get to this point but when your involved in sending human beings back to the moon safety and the necessity of every single component working properly is the upmost highest priority to achieve.

SLS Artemis 1 will return to the VAB next week for repairs to two fueling system leaks before a new wet dress rehearsal can resume.

Safety is paramount and the methodical march forward to the moon will continue.

Thankful to NASA for both 39B visits to document the progress. We Are Going!!!

Photo Credit: Scott Schilke for and