Due to the high security around this ULA Delta IV NROL-44 for the National Reconnaissance Office media were allowed to set remote cameras on historic pad 34 overlooking pad 37 for the early morning August 27th 2020 2:12 AM EDT or 6:12 UTC.

The distance between LC-34 to LC-37 is approximately a half mile.

Photos of the foreground is what remains of the memorial to the Apollo 1 tragedy on launch complex 34 where NASA astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White, Roger Chaffee lost their lives on Jan. 27th 1967 in a fire inside their capsule during a testing accident. The pedestal and two flame deflectors are battling the corrosive Florida environment of rain and salt.

This mission is only the 12th launch of a ULA Delta IV Heavy vehicle.

written and photos by Scott Schilke for Spacenews.lu