The Government of Luxembourg has granted 5G telecoms operator OQ Technology a ‘Space Activity License’ for future satellite launches and operations as part of its growing satellite constellation in low Earth orbit (LEO). The Luxembourg company, operating the world’s first and largest narrowband-IoT constellation for 5G connectivity, is among the first to receive the new license.

In addition to its existing license for the satellites already in orbit, this license authorisation will allow OQ Technology to also provide its Internet of things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity services with all additional satellites, yet to be launched. As part of this license, the company will also be able to register its satellites in Luxembourg’s national registry of space objects.

Omar Qaise, founder and CEO of OQ Technology, said:
“The authorisation comes at a time when the demand for regulating space objects and debris mitigation, due to the increasing number of satellites being launched into space, is growing across the world.”

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Harry Pirrwitz