December 17th 2020 at 2:30 PM EST or 19:30 UTC a significantly leaning SpaceX booster B-1051.7 arrived on top of the drone ship barge JRTI Just Read The Instructions with an entourage of tub boats to assist and maneuver it next the land based lifting crane at Port Canaveral Florida.

The angle of the booster lean appears to be around ten degrees which is indicative of an angled landing on the drone ship with some of the landing legs taking a bigger impact than others back on December 13th 2020.

Octagrabber a SpaceX Falcon 9 securing robot was able to attach to the booster after it’s landing. Octagrabber is actually two robots each with four arms and tracks which is remotely driven out of its blast protected garage and positioned underneath the booster securing it before it is finally safe for humans to board the drone ship and finish the job. A back up method is using four jack stands welded to the deck and chains attached to the rocket and stands.

This is the second booster SpaceX has with seven flights and landings. It previously has flown to space on Demo 1 uncrewed mission for NASA crew Dragon, Canada’s RadarSat Satellite, four Starlink SpaceX broadband satellite missions and now the successful Sirius XM SXM-7 digital radio satellite that launched on December 13th 2020.

Article and Photo Credit: Scott Schilke for