…on Sunday, January 24th at 10:00 AM EST after light rain had passed over launch complex 40 about one hour earlier.

It was a beautiful launch in and out of the clouds as the lighting became better every second into launch.

The 73rd Falcon booster landing occurred on the autonomous drone ship OCISLY Of Course I Still Love You north of Cuba in a new southern landing zone.

This marks the 52nd flight of a reused flight proven booster and the fifth successful flight and landing for booster B-1058.5 which also flew the first NASA astronauts to the ISS for SpaceX.

This is the 2nd polar orbit launched from Cape Canaveral for SpaceX.

More details on how special this launch will be when we pick up the remote cameras later in the afternoon from the launch pad. Satellites are beginning to be deployed now.

Article and Photo Credit: Scott Schilke for spacenews.lu and space-news.es