- During the award ceremony, the Secretary of State noted that "the development of mobility and the spread of culture enrich society, unite territories and help to improve the lives of citizens"

- Alberto García Álix (Lifetime Achievement in Photography), journalist Marta Fajardo (Aeronautical Journalism) and the Aeronautical Technology Centre (I+Dron Award) were among the winners.

- Pardo de Vera announced that "La Arquería", a new space located in Nuevos Ministerios and dedicated to architecture and art, is expected to open in the first quarter of 2023.

The State Secretary for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and President of Enaire, Isabel Pardo de Vera, presented the 2022 Enaire Foundation Awards, which this year are celebrating their 27th edition.

photo MITMA

These awards are an example of the commitment of the Ministry and the Enaire Foundation to public service and to promoting culture. During her speech, Pardo de Vera assured that “the development of mobility and the spread of culture enrich society, unite territories and contribute decisively to improving the lives of citizens”.

She noted that “promoting mobility, not only of people, but also of innovation, science and art, are two-way paths that connect us”, which is fundamental to bringing people closer and enriching us all.

Isabel Pardo de Vera recalled how the Naves de Gamazo, which is the permanent home of the Enaire Collection of Contemporary Art, has become an “artistic benchmark in the city of Santander”. And she announced that

La Arquería, “a new space of the Ministry dedicated to architecture and art” that is located in Nuevos Ministerios, and which has received a significant investment from the Ministry thanks to the 1.5% cultural programme for the conservation of heritage, will open in the first quarter of 2023.

The State Secretary of MITMA acknowledged the work of the award recipients and thanked them for their important contribution in the fields of art and science. She also expressed her admiration for them for showing us a way to create a more prosperous society and to help us better understand the world through their work.

This year’s edition saw awards being presented in the following categories:

Photography Award

The first prize, which is worth 12,000 euros, went to photographer and artist Miguel Ángel Tornero for his work entitled “La Tierra Inculta”. The jury highlighted the innovative photographic work and how the integration of the collage relates to the subject of the work.

The second prize went to José Guerrero for his photograph “BRG-019”, and third place went to Soledad Córdoba for “Rito 19”. These awards are worth 8,000 euros and 5,000 euros, respectively.

The 2022 Enaire Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Alberto García Alíx, who has dedicated his life to photography. This honorary distinction, worth 17,000 euros, recognises the creative maturity and the four decades that the artist has spent behind the camera.

The jury noted how over the years, García-Alix’s look and photography have evolved and gained in complexity, depth, and introspection. His austere work, in which black and white photography predominates, has transcended borders and established him as one of the best portrait artists, photographers and artists on the Spanish and international art scene.

The aim of the award is to help promote this artistic speciality and showcase the work of the photographers selected to receive this year’s prizes. In addition, the three winning works will become part of the Enaire Contemporary Art Collection.

Aeronautical Journalism Award

This award went to Marta Fajardo Fernández for her report “Nace Startical, la constelación satelital del espacio aéreo” (Startical, the satellite constellation for airspace, is born), which aired on Radio Exterior de España and Radio-5 (RNE).

The jury praised her ability to present this satellite constellation project to manage air navigation, led by Enaire and Indra, in an engaging yet rigorous way”. The award is worth €12,000.

This award recognises works of journalism that are disseminated in the press, radio, television, and on digital and online publications that are related to air transport and navigation, as well as those involving airport facilities and airport services in general.

I+Dron Award

Airbus Spain partnered in this year’s award, with the prize going to the Advanced Centre for Aerospace Technologies (FADA-CATEC) for the work titled “Cooperative Multi-UAV System for Surveillance and Search & Rescue Operations Over a Mobile 5G Node”.

The team was led by Miguel Ángel Trujillo and Antidio Viguria Jiménez, and also relied on inputs from the avionics and systems departments at this centre. The award is worth
12,000 euros.

This award recognises those technical works, studies, projects, papers or publications that make a unique contribution to innovation in the drone sector, in the fields of aircraft design and aircraft system technologies (including propulsion, communications, control, etc.), drone production, operation, and traffic management, as well as the development of new applications.

Luis Azcárraga Innovation in Aviation Award

This year, the Luis Azcárraga Award went to Almudena Buelta, Alberto Olivares and Ernesto Stafetti for their article Iterative Learning Control for Precise Aircraft Trajectory Tracking in Continuous Climb and Descent Operations, in the journal IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. The award is worth €12,000.

It acknowledges work, studies or projects that provide a major contribution to air transport in terms of planning and organisation, economic and administrative management, environmental impact and protection, as well as technological research and innovation.

José Ramón López Villares Award for Bachelor’s and Master’s theses

In the air navigation speciality, the award was given to Celia Martín de Valmaseda Fuertes for her final degree project titled “Model for Tracking Incidents in the Air Transport network. Application to the Spread of COVID”, at the Advanced Technical School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering (UPM).

In the airport speciality, the award went to Juan Luis Lupiáñez for his Master’s thesis at the Advanced Polytechnic School – Universidad Carlos III titled “Role of Electric Vehicle Fleet Aggregators in the Spanish Electricity Market”; and to Cristina Sanz García at the Advanced Technical School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering (UPM) for her final degree project entitled “Scalable Hub for the Ecological Transition of Air Operations Using Green Hydrogen”.

The jury noted how this project analyses a model that considers the construction of a hub at an airport facility that allows aircraft to be refuelled using renewable hydrogen. It provides an in-depth description of all the links in the green hydrogen value chain, as well as of the end consumers, the aircraft, to reach the initial objectives set by analysing the investment and associated expense of implementing this proposal, as well as its profitability.

This category rewards Bachelor’s or Master’s degree projects related to air navigation or airports in the following disciplines: Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering (especially the branch of Roads, Canals and Ports), and Industrial and Telecommunications Engineering. These projects may be done at any Spanish university and written in any of Spain’s official languages or in English. Each winner receives a prize worth 3,000 euros.

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