July 29, 2020 NASA’s Mars Rover is ready to liftoff from United Launch Alliance LC-41 tomorrow morning for a mid February 2021 landing on the red planet in Jezero crater.

photo copyright Scott Schilke AutoMobilSport.com

The main goal is to determine if there was extinct life or microbiological life on Mars in this ancient river bed delta. Besides the most sophisticated package of science equipment on Perseverance it will also include astronaut suit fabrics and a visor piece for testing in the Mars radiation.

Another future milestone with the help of the ESA European Space Agency MSR Mars Sample Return mission is to pick up the sample tubes procured by Perseverance and return them back to Earth for further studies.

Per Jim Watson Director Mars NASA for 20 years NASA strategy has been to “follow the water” since 2011 with all of it’s previous missions including this mission to Jezero crater.

The countdown continues to 7:50 AM EDT 11:50 UTC!

photo copyright Scott SCHILKE spacenews.lu

By Scott Schilke for SPACENEWS.LU