SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#IoT–Cloudleaf, Inc. and 7PSolutions, LLC are pleased to announce their strategic supply chain asset monitoring and tracking partnership. Cloudleaf provides a SaaS digital intelligence platform that leverages IoT and digital twin technology to bring enhanced solutions that provide end-to-end supply chain visibility across the globe. 7PSolutions provides global real-time GPS monitoring and tracking solutions, including 24/7 monitoring, maintaining product integrity, inventory management and cargo security with law enforcement escalation.

Together, Cloudleaf and 7PSolutions are providing organizations with the ability to make intelligent real-time decisions based on actual events as raw materials, components and finished product move through their complex global supply chains. Decisions that can ensure schedules are maintained, product remains viable, and customers updated to any changes in order status.

“7P is excited to partner with Cloudleaf. Our unique real-time GPS solutions combined with Cloudleaf’s digital visibility platform provide actionable data for our customers,” says Jeff Clark, Founder and CEO of 7PSolutions. “Leveraging 7P’s 24/7 global monitoring and escalation for recovering sensitive commodities or dispatching of law enforcement creates a solution that helps ensure product integrity and protects our customers’ brands.”

“The combination of Cloudleaf’s data platform-based operations, analytics, and visibility with 7P’s products portfolio brings greater risk assurance and flexibility to monitoring and reacting to supply chain excursions and uncertainty. Together we shine a light on more supply chain blind spots than ever before, especially in security of assets,” says Ken Carpenter, Cloudleaf’s Head of Partnerships.

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About Cloudleaf

Cloudleaf powers next-generation digital supply chains with insights from ground truth and real-time decision-making. Our SaaS platform leverages hyper-scale cloud, digital twin, AI/ML, and IoT technologies to deliver continuous visibility and intelligence. We enable business leaders to make the right decisions in real time to increase revenues, avoid disruptions, deliver better business outcomes, improve customer satisfaction and increase sustainability. For more information, visit:

About 7PSolutions

7PSolutions was founded in 2010 to provide real-time visibility to the global supply chain. Our independent reusable and disposable GPS devices are designed for use in all modes of global transportation. In addition, our unique hardwired solutions manage and monitor assets around the world. Solutions that enable our customers to make real-time decisions, enhance internal and external customers experience, increase productivity and reduce loss. For more information, please email


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