To streamline the traveler flow from check-in to security, VHT deployed Mindful’s messaging automation and virtual queueing engine to place SEA travelers in a virtual line and then let them know when it’s their turn to enter the security checkpoint

AKRON, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VHT, a leading provider of customer-experience software, has published survey results of a ground-breaking pilot in partnership with Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) that applies VHT’s advanced queuing technology, Mindful, to minimize passenger wait times for security checks. Rather than wait in snaking lines, the system lets flyers select the time they wish to pass through security, drastically reducing their time waiting in line and helping them get to the gate on time.

Passenger surveys conducted by VHT have determined that the system dramatically exceeded expectations, with overall wait times reduced to 10 minutes and one passenger observing, “Quickest, most efficient security process I’ve had in 10 years. THANK YOU!”

“Getting through security is one of the most stressful aspects of air travel. With VHT’s virtual queueing, you can decide what time you want to go through security, which means you can plan everything else around that,” said Matt DiMaria, CEO of VHT. “This is a fantastic example of how VHT places the customer in control, and the survey results show that travelers really love it.”

Nobody likes waiting in line. With pandemic restrictions lifting, travel booming, and airports struggling to hire workers, airport queues are getting longer and longer. But with a virtual queue, passengers can wait comfortably at home or onsite after check-in, and then join a much shorter line at a time defined by the app. With VHT Mindful, security screening becomes an efficient, relaxed, and predictable experience.

Until now, VHT’s advanced queueing and callback technology has been used by call centers and other applications to provide consumers with call-back options instead of waiting on hold. With this pilot, VHT partnered with SEA to apply its industry-leading queuing engine to substantially improve the customer experience in physical environments, starting with the most stressful and frustrating situation of them all: TSA security checkpoints.

“We want to give passengers the best possible experience from the moment they arrive at the airport. This pilot program eliminates the stressful security wait-times for passengers and streamline their path to the gate. We can also ensure passengers get to the gate on time, which reduces the frustration and costs of rebooking them after a missed flight,” added VHT’s DiMaria.

What people are saying about VHT’s Mindful app at SEA

According to passengers, this pilot was a tremendous success. Travelers have expressed overwhelmingly positive reactions to this schedule-ahead feature. Positive responses flooded into the customer satisfaction survey, showcasing glowing reviews of the service:

“The Spot Saver actually saved our life! Otherwise, we would miss our flight! It’s like we won the lottery slot! We are so happy and thankful!”

“Thank you for offering this service. It was very helpful and made the traveling experience much less stressful for our family.”

“Every airport should do this. Decreases traveler stress and time wasted waiting and getting to the airport super early.”

“Saved so much time and stress. Can’t believe this is free and more people aren’t using this service! Thank you, thank you.”

Additional quotes and all the published results can be seen on VHT’s Customer Perception Report: Airport Virtual Queueing, which was released on July 26, 2021.

How virtual queueing works at SEA

To streamline the traveler flow from check-in to security, VHT deployed Mindful’s messaging automation and virtual queueing engine to place travelers in a virtual line and let them know when it’s their turn to enter the security checkpoint. Travelers can wait from anywhere, knowing their spot is saved and they can go through security at the most opportune moment for them. Here’s how it works:

  • The traveler schedules their time to enter security screening up to three days before their flight. (Alternative: The traveler scans a QR code in the airport and follows the prompts to enter the virtual line.)
  • With their spot saved in line, the traveler can grab a drink, check their bags, sit, and read, or whatever they’d like to do while they wait for their turn.
  • Mindful sends a text when it’s time to enter the checkpoint.
  • The traveler walks up and begins the TSA screening process.
  • Forty minutes after their turn in line, Mindful sends a follow-up text with a link to a customer satisfaction survey.

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