COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Sanborn Map Company, Inc. (Sanborn) announces that Dr. Baharak “Becky” Soltanian has joined the Sanborn team as Vice President of Research and Development. In this role, Dr. Soltanian will be responsible for innovating new processes, new products, and new applications based upon Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and edge computing. Additionally, she will manage and support Sanborn’s internal software team. “Becky is the right leader for our technology development team,” says John Copple, CEO of Sanborn. “Becky’s extensive background will help Sanborn bring more value to our customers and strengthen our investment in automation. We believe her strong technical experience will help focus Sanborn’s efforts on the latest cutting-edge technologies.”

Dr. Soltanian’s career in the field of AI has been extensive. With a global reach, her endeavors in AI, engineering, and academia span over 20 years. Her background includes a considerable amount of hands-on experience in a variety of roles in automation, AI, robotics, and computer vision. Most recently, Dr. Soltanian worked as a principal artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer, developing algorithms that improved perception and localization. She has also held leadership and management positions where she successfully directed teams in developing and applying advanced technologies in the use of lidar and other data types.

Dr. Soltanian holds a PhD in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering; a Master of Technology in Digital Signal Processing; and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. She’s worked for a variety of different companies such as Byton, Daqri and Velodyne Lidar, and has six (6) patents in the field of Autonomous Driving and automation.


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