SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Synoptic Data Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) announced its new Open Access tier where all publicly available weather data, current and historic, is now available to all Synoptic users at no charge and with no limitations on data volume. This real-time measured weather data provides invaluable ground truth to support weather modeling and forecasting in addition to high-impact decision making in the public safety, emergency management, transportation, energy, agricultural, research, and related sectors.

“We are really excited to launch our new free Open Access level of service. Synoptic has always worked to support the weather community from enthusiasts to the commercial, academic, and research sectors. This launch gives us the opportunity to strengthen our offerings for Synoptic’s user community and our mission of providing expanded access to environmental data to enhance and protect our world. In conjunction with the Open Access launch, we’ll be continuing to aggressively add additional observing networks and mature our offerings for our commercial and government clients,” said Steve Woll, President of Synoptic.

Synoptic currently aggregates data from more than 90,000 active stations, collecting more than 96 million weather and geophysical observations daily. Synoptic’s users incorporate this data in a wide variety of efforts and applications, from basic meteorological research to severe weather early warnings to data assimilation for Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) computer models.

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Synoptic Data PBC is the industry leader in aggregating, processing, and disseminating weather and other geophysical observational data for users in a variety of sectors and applications. With origins at the University of Utah’s MesoWest program more than 20 years ago, Synoptic was founded to provide increased system reliability and capability, broaden the scope of services provided, and expand services to new customers and sectors. In addition to its technical services, Synoptic also adds value by simplifying access and providing global exposure for aggregated data sets. As a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), Synoptic is committed to supporting the interests of its entire stakeholder community, including data providers, data users, employees, shareholders, and our communities.


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