Connectivity provided via SES’s innovative Non-Geostationary Orbit (NGSO) satellite constellation will be used for critical tech demos and live action simulations of wildfires, cyberattacks, airports in crisis and other emergencies

The world’s leading satellite operator SES today announced that it will be providing satellite capacity to Verizon and Nokia’s Operation Convergent Response (OCR) 2019 event at the Guardian Centers in Perry, Georgia.

OCR gives law enforcement, fire, EMT and other first responders the chance to experience first-hand how advanced technologies can work under pressure in a live action simulated crisis in a realistic, but controlled environment.

SES is providing the managed connectivity services from its high-capacity, low-latency O3b Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite-based data communications system. The fiber-like connectivity for delivering carrier-grade, cloud-ready services will provide WiFi connectivity to participants with the help of other technology partners and power the event’s key emergency simulations, including:

• Wildfire – Experience the challenges faced by responders in the aftermath of a wildfire and the modern technologies to address them.

• Cyberattack on Critical Infrastructure – Flooding, health risks and other environmental concerns impact a community devastated by cyberattacks on critical utility infrastructures.

• Tunnel Emergency – Examine the key challenges responders encounter in tight, isolated situations and watch cutting edge tech drive better outcomes in a subterranean environment.

• Complex Terror Attack – Experience the fallout of a multi-layered terrorist attack and solutions to defend the response mission.

• Airport in Crisis – Explore how emerging technologies help solve complex problems such as airspace incursions, perimeter breaches, pandemic outbreaks and other common situations to major transportation hubs.

• Gas Pipeline Leak and Explosion – View how the first responders address the impact of a night-time emergency within a city, specifically a gas pipeline leak and structure explosion.

In addition, SES will be speaking as part of the Airport in Crisis and Wildfire simulations, and providing technology demos in the Joint Operations Center and 5G Innovation Center. SES will also have a booth at Building 301 of the Guardian Centers.

Suzanne Ong- photo SES