…providing strategic advice for the definition of the new European regulation for the certification of air traffic management systems of the Single European Sky

•    ENAIRE has organized the last meeting of the strategic steering group of experts at its Barcelona Control Center facilities to develop the new regulation for assessing the conformity of air traffic management and air navigation ground systems (ATM/ANS) that reinforces the safety and interoperability of national systems for the construction of the Single European Sky.

•    This group of experts, created and directed by EASA, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, includes general directors, authorities and national air navigation service providers, as well as the manufacturing industry of air navigation and air traffic management systems.

•    ENAIRE has also presented its future control working positions that will represent a significant functional and technological leap.

The group of experts led by EASA, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, which provides support to the European Commission in the development of the implementation strategy for regulatory aspects related to the interoperability and safe deployment of air navigation systems, has met at the ENAIRE Control Center in Barcelona.

This high-level working group is chaired by the CEO of the Swiss air navigation provider, Skyguide, Alex Bristol. It´s members are Arndt Shoenemann, CEO of DFS (German supplier); Jan Klas, CEO of ANS CZ (Czech Republic); Piotr Samson, Director General of Polish Civil Aviation; Ángel Luis Arias, General Director of ENAIRE; Christine Berg, Head of the Single European Sky Unit from European Commission; on behalf of EASA is its director Patrick Ky; Jussi Myllarniemi, head of the Air Traffic Department and Manuel Rivas Vila, head of the ATM supervision section.

Also, as representatives of the air traffic industry, there are Ignacio Mataix, CEO of Indra; Christian Rivierre, CEO of Thales ATM and Massimo Garbini, Special Advisor to the CEO of Frequentis.

From January to July 2022, this team has held continuous meetings in different countries and concludes its work today in Spain.

One of its objectives has been to develop a shared vision for the definition of a new European regulation for conformity assessment (declaration/certification) of air traffic management and air navigation (ATM/ANS) ground systems that allows the development and implementation of technologies to reinforce the safety and interoperability of the systems that will be the basis of the European Digital Sky.

Renewal of air traffic control working positions

ENAIRE has used the meeting to show the technological developments on which it is working. The group has been able to learn about the functionalities of the future iFOCUCS position that will be installed in ENAIRE control work centers.

The new design of the control positions has meant a greater increase in the main screen with 4K resolution for better visibility, greater ergonomics, improvements in acoustics and the handling of the different instruments with some customization for a better adaptation to the user. In addition, it incorporates state-of-the-art technology with a touch keyboard and auxiliary screens.

Among the functionalities that will be included are a medium-term conflict detector with the ability to evaluate alternatives to advise the controller in choosing the measures to be taken. It includes presentation of aeronautical information, 4D flight routes and trajectories, airport information, weather, flow data, surveillance, capacity and other measures aimed at improving the safety and efficiency of the air traffic control service.


ENAIRE is the air navigation service provider in Spain.

As a company of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, it provides en route control services for all flights and overflights from five control centres in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Gran Canaria and Palma, as well as approach services to every airport in the country.

In addition, 45 control towers receive ENAIRE’s communication, navigation and surveillance services, and 21 airports, including the country’s busiest, rely on its aerodrome control services.

ENAIRE is Europe’s fourth largest air traffic manager. Since 1 January 2022, it has chaired the A6 Alliance, a coalition of air navigation providers responsible for over 80% of European air traffic, and which is seeking to modernise the air traffic management system. It is also a member of other international alliances promoting the Single European sky, such as SESAR Joint Undertaking, SESAR Deployment Manager, iTEC, CANSO and ICAO.

ENAIRE, as the agency appointed by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda to implement the U-space system in Spain, will be the provider of the Common Information Services (CIS), which are essential for administering U-space services to drones and Urban Air Mobility, in interaction with local air traffic control services, so that all types of aircraft can fly safely in the same airspace.

ENAIRE has received the highest score in Europe on the aviation safety key performance indicator. It has also been awarded the EFQM 500 Seal for its safe, efficient, innovative and sustainable management of air navigation services.

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