This historic launch attempt would be the first ever orbital launch from Texas soil which has taken SpaceX over five years to get this stage in the development process. This is test flight #01 of hundreds to come in the future a long standing goal of Elon Musk and his dedicated team at the Boca Chica build site 3 miles west of the oribital launch pad on public Hwy #4.

When the test flight occurs the 230 foot tall first stage booster B7 will do a boost back burn and a controlled soft landing in the Gulf of Mexico just 20 miles (32 kilometers) from the Texas shoreline which will give SpaceX a lot of data to acquire.

The 164 foot (50 meters) 2nd stage Starship will fly after seperation over the northern tip of Cuba, the Atlantic Ocean, Nambia, the Indian Ocean, Indonesia and a hard landing in the Pacific Ocean 62miles or 100Km from the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. 

All in all this is a test flight and no matter what happens the end goal for SpaceX is data, data, data so that future launches will be successful. 

Summary and Photos by Scott Schilke for and