With the sun beginning to rise from the Atlantic Ocean horizon a very long Jellyfish Phenomenon occured downrange with the addition of the first stage booster B-1061.2 pulsating thrusters plume while orientating itself for reentry and landing on OCISLY. The first stage booster did successfully land on the SpaceX drone ship.

A truly stunning, amazing & inspiring NASA SpaceX Crew 2 launch occured at 5:49 AM EDT or 9:49 UTC from historic launch complex 39A at Cape Kennedy Florida! God Speed Crew 2 on docking and your sixth month journey at the International Space Station. The mission is running smoothly with Dragon docking and hatch opening on Saturday morning.

Astronauts on NASA TV gave a video tour of the inside of their Endeavor spacecraft in orbit around the Earth and are looking forward to the tomorrow’s docking with the ISS.

Launch Complex 39A is 3,000 feet across in an Octagon shape or 915 meters wide. The historic launch complex is 48 feet above sea level. LC-39A sent the first Astronauts to the moon, supported dozens of Space Shuttle missions and now has launched commercial crew SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets with Dragon capsules to the ISS. Construction started in 1963 and was nearly complete by January 1965.

The first flight of a Saturn V rocket occurred on November 9th 1967 Apollo 4.

First crewed spacecraft to orbit the moon from this complex occurred in December 1968 Apollo 8.

And the first two humans to land on the moon occurred in July 1969 with Apollo 11 from this iconic launch complex.

A new chapter has been significantly opened with NASA , SpaceX & Elon Musk’s goal of re-useability in full display today.

Article & Photo Credit: Scott Schilke for spacenews.lu and space-news.es