SpaceX & NASA have delayed the launch attempt for CRS-21 a cargo mission to the ISS till Sunday December 6th 2020 at 11:17 AM EST or 8:17 AM PST or 16:17 UTC due to bad weather in the booster recovery area on Saturday.

This launch features the new updated cargo Dragon 2 spacecraft packed with a heavy dose of life science investigations for the ISS. Sunday weather is 60% go for launch.

On December 4th SpaceX transported their fleet leading booster B-1049.7 from Port Canaveral back to Cape Canaveral for inspection and refurbishment for a future 8th flight.

This booster has delivered 7 different payloads into orbit:

First Flight Telstar 18v Landing on OCISLY
Second Flight Iridium NXT10 Landing on JRTI
Third Flight Starlink 0.9 Landing on OCISLY
Fourth Flight Starlink 2(3) Landing on OCISLY
Fifth Flight Starlink 7(8) Landing on OCISLY
Sixth Flight Starlink 10 Landing on OCISLY
Seventh Flight Starlink 15 Landing on OCISLY

Update and Photos by Scott Schilke for