A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket for a Starlink 9 (10) mission launched at 1:12 AM EDT or 5:12 UTC Friday August 7th from historic launch complex 39A at Cape Canaveral Florida

On board are 57 SpaceX sun visor equipped broadband communication satellites for the Starlink network and 2 ride share BlackSky satellites for Space Flight Inc. The Starlink Constellation will provide high speed internet to customers all over the globe. The Falcon 9 first stage rocket booster is B-1051.5 which could be it’s 5th flight to outer space. The deploy able sun visor is to lessen the reflectivity of each satellite.

The rocket attempt was moved forward from June 24th but delayed from June 23, June 25, June 26th, July 29th, July 31, Aug. 1 & Aug. 6th including being scrubbed on July 8th due to pour weather and scrubbed on July 29th due for a technical issue.

Congratulations for the successful launch in the early morning dark skies of August 7th and the first stage booster landing on drone ship OCISLY out in the Atlantic Ocean.

By Scott Schilke spacenews.lu