October 1st 2020 Cape Canaveral Florida SpaceX attempted to launch the Starlink 13 mission at 9:17 AM EDT or 13:17 UTC on launch complex 39A but moments before launch they had to abort the count down due to an out of family ground system sensor reading.

SpaceX will announce a new target launch date for Starlink 13 once the range is confirmed.

First stage booster B-1058.3 would have made its third flight into outer space.if all had gone well. Once this mission launches it will bring the total number of Starlink satellites launched to 775.

SpaceX will still attempt to launch the GPSIII Space Vehicle 04 on Oct 2nd at 9:43 to 9:58 PM EDT or 21:43 to 21:58 UTC from launch complex 40. The GPS system is what we all use almost everyday on our phones and in our cars.

Article and Photo Credit: Scott Schilke for spacenews.lu & space-news.es