Due to weather SpaceX delayed their Starlink 4-2 & AST SpaceMobile’s Blue Walker 3 rideshare test satellite from a 9:10 PM liftoff to 9:20 PM last night from historic LC-39A launch pad Cape Kennedy Florida 9-10-22!

Typical summer time evening Florida weather had marine warned thunderstorms along the entire I-95 east coast corridor on the drive up to Cape Kennedy from Marco Island.

This marks the 39th total launch from the Kennedy/Canaveral multi spaceport between SpaceX & ULA with the NASA Artemis 1 launch attempt still possible later this month.

On board were 34 SpaceX Starlink Internet satellites and one rideshare AST SpaceMobile test satellite which required SpaceX to perform five different burns on their 2nd stage to place the rideshare into the proper orbit. This was another first for the SpaceX team along with fleet leading first stage booster B-1058’s 14th flight and landing on ASOG (A Shortfall of Gravitas) down range in the Atlantic ocean.

A thick blanket of clouds laid directly over the launch complex making for a muggy humid evening with little breeze and stagnant air.

According to SpaceX.com/launches this is the 179 corporate launch with 141 total landings using 117 reflown rockets. Simply impressive what SpaceX is achieving with re-useability in rocketry that very few companies are even trying world wide.

Summary & Photos by Scott Schilke for spacenews.lu and space-news.es