A beautiful on time blue skies liftoff from SLC-40 at 2:13 PM EST 19:13 UTC 3-9-23 by SpaceX for their customer OneWeb 17 with 40 satellites for this London based company. First stage Falcon 9 booster B-1073-7 made a pinpoint landing at LZ-1 with Relativity Terran 1 in the landing shot. OneWeb now has and extimated 584 satellites in their constellation after today’s deployments.

Today makes the 16th launch for SpaceX in 2023 so far. It is their 103rd consecutive booster landing (a company record), the 177th booster landing, with 149 total reflown rockets and their 215th total launch. This booster turn around was only 30.74 days.

Congratulations to SpaceX, Elon Musk, OneWeb and their teams.

Summary and Photos by Scott Schilke for spacenews.lu and space-new.es