SpaceX had to move their rocket launch originally planned from LC-39A to SLC-40 due to NASA Artemis 1 being to close and the 48 hour countdown had all ready started for the heavy lift moon rocket.

Due to poor weather SpaceX delayed their Starlink 4-23 launch by over an hour and nineteen minutes from 10:22 PM EDT to 11:41 PM EDT 8-27-22 and pierced think clouds directly over the Cape Canaveral – Titusville area last night.

SpaceX successfully deployed 54 internet satellites into orbit and landed first stage booster B-1069-2 on their drone ship ASOG down range in the Atlantic ocean.

This first stage booster had been damaged after its very first landing attempt and has taken time for SpaceX to repair all of the issues bringing it back to flight ready condition.

Photo Credit: Scott Schilke for and