Wednesday afternoon 4:01 EDT Cape Canaveral Florida!

Precision! On time liftoff off SpaceX 21st mission in 2023 with this Starlink 5-10 launch at 4:01 PM EDT from launch complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Florida with 56 v1.5 internet satellites on board. Pure perfection!

First stage booster B-1077-4 landed on JRTI down range in the Atlantic ocean. This now makes 182 total first stage landings and 154 reflights of a booster with 220 corporate launches for SpaceX.

Weather was 60% Go For Launch with mostly blue skies over the launch complex and a moderate on shore wind at ground level.

SpaceX will attempt their 22nd mission on Thursday March 30th with the Space Development Agency Tranche 0 launch from Vandenberg California at 10:15 ET or 7:29 A.M. PDT.

Summary & Photos by Scott Schilke for and