3 2 1 Ignition & liftoff was not an April Fools joke today at 12:24 PM EDT or 16:24 UTC from launch complex 40 Cape Canaveral Florida today.

With dramatic clouds in the background SpaceX Transporter 4 was visible for 20 seconds before enveloped in clouds and on its way to space.

First Stage booster B-1061.7 made its seventh flight and return landing which successfully landed on JRTI about 532 KM down range. SpaceX also successfully deployed all 40 customer payloads during a 90 minute process.

Just a few customers on board SpaceX 4th dedicated rideshare mission are Satellogic, Omnispace, SPACELUST, EnMAP, Pixxel, BDSat, Albania 1, RROCI, GNOMES-3, Alba Cluster 5, YAM-6/VanZyl-1 and more.

Photo Credit: Scott Schilke for spacenews.lu and space-news.es