May 25th 2022 SpaceX Launches Transporter 5 at 2:35 PM EDT or 18:35 UTC Deploying 59 Small Satellites With A RTLS at LZ-1!

SpaceX successfully launched Transporter 5 with 59 rideshare small satellites into orbit about one hour after liftoff and safely landed B-1061-8 back at Cape Canaveral LZ-1 with a triumphant double sonic boom at landing heard throughout the Space Coast.

This now marks the 160th total launches, 122nd total landings and 98 reflown rockets as posted by their 5th dedicated rideshare mission with numerous companies like Tyvak NanoSat, Nanoracks, GHGSAT, Capella Space, Satellogic, Planetum and Celestis Inc plus many more companies.

Other milestones for SpaceX – this is their 22nd launch in 2022, their 3rd Transporter mission in 2022 and the 100th Falcon 9 Block 5 launch with this vehicle.

Congratulations to the SpaceX team, Elon Musk and everyone who supported this beautiful launch today.

Photo Credit Scott Schilke for and