On a partly cloudy morning with light rain showers advancing on historic launch complex 39A SpaceX successfully launched their Starlink 14 mission with 60 company satellites on board at 8:25 AM EDT or 12:25 UTC from Cape Canaveral Florida for their 18th launch this year.

First stage booster B-1051.6 flew and landed for the sixth time including both fairing halves have been reused for the third time. The booster made a pinpoint landing on their autonomous drone ship OCISLY down range in the Atlantic ocean. SpaceX did deploy their 60 internet satellites successfully.

9 Merlin engines produce 1.7 million pounds of thrust at ground level propelling the 229 foot tall rocket and payload into outer space.

Today’s launch marks the 96 flight of a SpaceX Falcon rocket and the 44th time a booster has been previously flown.

It has been reported that a new Falcon 9 cost around $62 million dollars and a flight proven rocket cost around $50.3 million. Elon Musk and SpaceX are working hard to continue to drive the cost down for future rocket launches.

Congratulations to the entire SpaceX team on another perfect launch.

Photo Credit and articles by Scott Schilke for spacenews.lu