Confirmed speakers at next month’s ESA-NASA 1st International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing for Air, Space and Land Transportation include leading technologists from Airbus, Boeing, SpaceX, Virgin Orbit and Ferrari’s Formula 1 team. Registration is now open for the four-day online event, which will include more than 185 speakers from the scientific and engineering communities.

Close-up X-ray imaging of laser 3D printing
Close-up X-ray imaging of laser 3D printing

This includes 23 keynote speakers on topics such as additive manufacturing (otherwise known as 3D printing), composites, joining, new and emerging materials and digital manufacturing and two panel sessions on verification and qualification of additive manufacturing and out-of-Earth manufacturing – meaning the actual making of items in Earth orbit or beyond.

Designing for space has always required the highest possible engineering standards, but space, air and land transportation alike are being driven by the same trends, resulting in whole new ways of designing and building vehicles.

Virgin Orbit's small satellite launching service
Virgin Orbit’s small satellite launching service

Industry 4.0 x Space 4.0

On Earth we have ‘Industry 4.0’ – the application of increased connectivity, intelligence, flexible automation and advanced manufacturing techniques to the industrial landscape. Meanwhile off the planet, the era of ‘Space 4.0’ has begun, with many new nations and private sector actors reaching out to space, with a corresponding growth in commercialisation and competitiveness.

The conference covers the combination of the two: how smart and advanced manufacturing technologies – including 3D printing, virtual testing, big data-driven and quality control processes – can alter the manufacturing supply chain for the increasingly competitive space arena, progressively increasing customer value and supply chain efficiency. The same forces are also in play across the aviation and land transportation sectors.

3D printing in hard plastic
3D printing in hard plastic

While such shifts are being addressed within ESA through our Advanced Manufacturing and Design 2 Produce initiatives, they are fast transforming the wider aerospace sector, the overall transportation field and manufacturing in general.

Join us on our journey

The aim of the 1st International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing for Air, Space and Land Transportation – taking place on 7-10 March 2022 – is to promote and facilitate discussion and exchange of experience among members of various engineering disciplines; covering design, development, assembly, integration and verification aspects. By bringing the community closer together the conference will facilitate cross-fertilisation opportunities and promote an inter-sectorial technical and commercial exchange worldwide.

Filter 3D printed in silicon carbide
Filter 3D printed in silicon carbide

Register for the conference

Join us for our online event on 7-10 March 2022.

The conference’s international committee took the decision to move to an online event in view of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic in Europe, to ensure a safe environment for the event.