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The Mission X 2023 Walk to the Moon Challenge is now officially open.  As of 16 January, registered teams can complete activities, earn points, and help the Mission X mascots, Luna and Leo, walk to the Moon!


Mission X is a free educational and inspirational project that challenges students to train like an astronaut through physical exercises and scientific investigations, helping them learn the key elements to keeping fit and staying healthy in space and on Earth.

ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti doing yoga in space
ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti doing yoga in space

The 2023 Walk to the Moon Challenge runs from 16 January to 31 May 2023, where teams of students and families complete physical and scientific activities to earn steps for their country.  Earned steps help the Mission X mascots walk 384 400 km from Earth to the Moon!

Mission X is designed for students age 8-12, but open to all ages. The challenge is open worldwide for school teams and families (teams must be led by a teacher, mentor, educator, or parent). Registration remains open throughout the challenge. 

Test your skills and train like an astronaut with activities like Yoga in Space with Samantha Cristoforetti, developed by space scientists and fitness professionals working with astronauts and space agencies across the world.

Mission X is a collaboration between ESA and the UK Space Agency, facilitated by the ESERO network and National Organisers.

Get Started!

1)    Get your team ready for Mission X by signing-up to be a Team Leader here.

2)    Then, login to your Team Leader account to register new teams on your Team Leader Dashboard. 

3)    Next, check out the Mission X activities and decide which ones your Team will complete. Activities can be viewed and downloaded individually, or you can download the entire catalogue at once by clicking the “Download all activities” button (multiple languages available).

4)    Finally, submit completed activities through your Team Leader Dashboard to earn steps.

For more information and full participation details visit

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