EURAMEC Expanding Activities in Military Flight Simulation

EURAMEC, the European Flight Simulation Manufacturers announced today to showcase its strategic expansion into military simulation solutions at the Dubai Air Show, to be held Nov 14-18, 2021.

“We came a long way – starting with standard flight sim solutions in General Aviation in 2015 – and it is thanks to our customers that we announce today our new strategic focus on customized flight sim solutions, both in Commercial Aviation and Defense,” Bert Buyle, CEO EURAMEC said.

Each and every customer order is a commitment by EURAMEC to deliver a bespoke solution, based on a Preliminary Design Review developed in close cooperation with the customer.

EURAMEC is building OEM devices for global defence companies, expanding flight training solutions into full mission training with stations for surveillance, aerial fire-fighting and air refuelling. The company anticipates half of annual revenue will be generated in the Defense ecosystem.

Based on a strong customer demand for Diamond, Piper, Cessna and other General Aviation simulator platforms, EURAMEC continues to contract flight schools and operators with single and twin turboprop aircraft.

“The successful operations of our reliable, cost-effective flight sim platforms around the world are strong signals in the market that EURAMEC delivers exactly what the customer expects. Major GA manufacturers are taking note and we are proud to say we are working in close cooperation with them to build better, long-lasting and above all, cost efficient flight sim solutions for our customers.”

Cooperation with aircraft manufacturers is also taking place in the recreational aviation segment. Reports point to an increased interest in simulator training on light sports aircraft as well as ultralight models. EURAMEC has in-house technology to produce accurate replicas of these recreational cockpits at an affordable price point.


About Euramec

Euramec designs and manufactures professional pilot training devices and simulator parts. The Euramec line of aerospace solutions include basic training aids for cockpit familiarization for Diamond DA 40 and 42, Cessna and other GA and BA aircraft types, all the way to EASA- and CAAC-certified fully functional glass cockpit solutions for the A320 Family, as well as customized real-time flight motion simulation.

Euramec builds flight simulators and delivers integrated services to commercial flight training centers, military and government agencies as well as private flying schools – providing a turnkey high-fidelity flight simulation solution to customers worldwide.

Euramec is based in Belgium with sales offices in Europe, North America and the APAC region.

Eric Dauchy, The Constellation Group,